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If you’re like me, you tend toward certain styles of beer.  When I go to a new brewery or select something at the store I tend toward beers that land in one of three categories.  They are IPA, stout, and beers I would classify as weird.  i.e. “Yes I’ll try your gingerbread, Asian zing, Belgian tripel with a flaming Jolly Rancher floating on top!”  Consequently there are styles that I tend to not touch very often like browns, ambers, and pretty much anything that lands in the lager camp.

I know it's blue but I think I should try another.

I know it’s blue but I think I should try another.

The problem with this is not only that I tend to miss out on good beer but also that my knowledge of those styles is more limited than I’d like.

To pull myself up out of my rut I’ve decided to pick a style to explore in 2014.  This year I am I am going to try as many amber ales as I can.  I’m also going to develop an amber ale recipe and tweak it a few times during the year.

I challenge you to do the same.  The varieties of styles of beer that are available to us today are incredible.  We often take for granted the choices that we have especially as compared to twenty or thirty years ago.  Appreciate that you have options and go explore new beers!

A Random IPA

What new styles have you tried lately?

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