Sep 292012

I’ve been brewing beer at home for almost ten years.  During that time I’ve moved from making all extract brews from book recipes, to all grain, to tweaking existing recipes, to coming up with brand new recipes on the fly in the parking lot of the brewing supply store.  I’ve learned a thing or two from some great brewers (some of which may be contributing to this site in the future) and managed a few discoveries on my own.

Like many who brew I spend a fair amount of time sharing what I’ve learned with other new brewers and have had a blast doing it.  I thought it might be neat to take it to the next level and start publishing some thoughts, tips, mistakes, and random musings about beer and making beer.  That’s the purpose of this site.

In addition, I hope that others will share their opinions and experiences as well.

Maybe we can get together for a beer sometime.


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